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The Thornhayes Consultancy Service

Essentially we can supply advice on any aspect of planning and management of trees in the urban or rural landscape.

Pine, Birch and  Eucalptus in January Our trees in Contemplation garden ChelseaOrchard Tree

Here are some examples:

  • New build schemes. Advice on existing trees on site and landscape schemes, to meet planning authority approval.
  • Advice to gardeners and landowners on the management of existing parks, gardens, avenues and arboreta, and the planning of new planting to maintain both the amenity and the wildlife value.
  • Advice to landowners on the management and planning of new or existing woodland for a range of purposes including amenity, conservation, sporting activities and timber production.
  • Advice and planning of structure and shelter planting to enhance the human environment around buildings and homes.
  • Advice on the design and planting of new orchards or the management of mature and traditional orchards for fruit production, conservation and amenity.
  • Advice to professional garden designers and arborists who need a “bit of help” with a particular site or project that stretches their experience or knowledge (a standard activity over the years at Thornhayes Nursery).
  • Liaison and guidance on suitably qualified and experienced contractors.
  • Liaison and guidance on suitable quality reputable nurseries.

Contact us: kevin.croucher55@outlook.com

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