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General Advice

There is far more to learn about trees than can be written in a couple of paragraphs. However here is some basic advice on planting new trees – a list of Do’s and Don’ts to remember:

  • Don’t dig huge planting holes.
  • Don’t plant large trees unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Small young plants will always grow away better.
  • Don’t stake small trees. Only large specimens need stakes.
  • Don’t tall stake trees. Trees need to bend in the wind. Tall stakes make weak trees. Gentle support from a bendy cane is generally adequate if required at all.
  • Don’t put fertiliser or organic matter in the planting hole. Compost, wood chip, etc. should be used as a surface mulch after planting.
  • Don’t allow grass or weeds to grow around the base of the tree for two to three years post planting.
  • Don’t use a strimmer around the base of a tree, even a mature tree. They can kill the tree slowly and often unbeknownst to the owner. Bark damage is often permanent and generally crippling to the tree.
  • Trees planted as small specimens usually catch up to those planted as large specimens of the same species within ten years.
  • Large luxury tree pits with lots of backfill will generally cause problems for trees in the short and medium terms, sometimes causing waterlogging and root rot, excess lusty weak growth and unstable root systems.
  • Select the tree species that suit your soil and aspect best. They will thrive. Species that do not suit your site will not thrive and likely be disappointing, diseased and short lived.

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